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Your Right to Fair Treatment

San Francisco Bay Area defense attorney Tim Pori is proud to represent people accused of drunk driving, possession of controlled substances, attempted murder, murder, sex crimes, and other state and Federal offenses.  He knows that justice is obtained only when every defendant is aggressively and intelligently represented.

Tim treats you fairly, openly, and makes sure that every one of your Constitutional Rights is respected.

Tim is a thorough, non-judgmental legal fighter who has made defense of people accused of criminal offenses his life's work.  He is practical and will tell you what he thinks. He will make sure that you get quality representation, and he won't give you false hopes or spend your time and money without any expectation of success.

An Honest Defense Attorney for Solano County and the entire San Francisco Bay Area!

The California State Bar calls Tim a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law. He is an active member of the Bar.  He has a record of success, and he has never had disciplinary or administrative actions taken against him.

Tim has won acquittals and fair treatment for clients in California State Court, Federal Court, and in front of administrative hearings of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Your Defense Attorney is Different.   You Can Trust Tim Pori.

Defense attorneys protect your rights and libertyWhen you're accused of a crime, you need someone to rely on.  Someone who is going to fight for you.  Someone who is going to tell you the truth. Someone who knows what the police are supposed to do and can make sure that the government follows the Constitution and honors its protections.

Tim is an aggressive, smart lawyer.  He is good in court.  In addition, he has excellent, on-going relationships with professional such as Narcotics Expert Steve Miriani (see other affiliated experts) who will help correct prosecution inaccuracies and exaggerations.  Tim and his team will make sure that your story is told clearly and forcefully.

When you need a criminal defense attorney, contact Tim Pori for a free, no-obligation telephone consultation.  Or, visit his office for a special 30-minute consultation for only $75. He will talk to you about your defense, its costs, and what you can expect.

Innocence does not guarantee acquittal.  District Attorneys can prosecute you for crimes that you did not commit or that are more serious.  You need a top-notch, energetic defense attorney. 

Contact Tim Pori!

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