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Teacher acquiteed of striking student - newspaper story

Tim Pori knows how to win cases in front of a jury.  He's done it. 

His clients have been found not guilty of serious charges such as assaulting a child, drug possession, impaired driving, attempted murder, and murder.

Tim is an articulate advocate in the courtroom. 

He knows the law and the protections offered by the United States Constitution. 

Not Guilty of Murder Jury Verdict

He fights first to get the government to dismiss or reduce charges. But, he is not afraid of meeting the prosecution in court.  He knows how to tell the jury the whole story — your story.

Not Guilty Verdict in Attempted Murder trialTim has fought and won against both state and United States Federal prosecutors. He respects their work and the efforts of law enforcement.  But, he understands that the government is often wrong in its accusations. 

Criminal Defense Update

Tim is pleased to report that since this page was first published, he has won for his clients:

These courtroom results continue Tim's legacy of protecting the rights of people accused of criminal acts.

2014 Federal Court Wins

In addition to victories in state trials, Tim has won acquittals in Federal Court in a prosecution for mail fraud and money laundering.

Read Tim's account of the prosecution and the Sacramento Bee's news story of Tim's win.

Avoiding Trial — Your Best Defense

Innocence does not guarantee acquittal.  Juries sometimes make mistakes and sometimes they make unpredictable decisions.

Tim fights for you before you're in front of a jury.  He files motions and uses court procedures to get the case resolved before the trial starts.

His successes in pre-trial work includes a dismissal of Federal assault weapons charge.

Dismissal of charges — especially in Federal court — is rare. It's an admission by the prosecution that they cannot win their case.  They made a mistake in charging Tim's client!

Federal murder charge dismissal

By earning a dismissal of charges, Tim freed his client and avoided the uncertainty of the jury's decision.

Every-day Victories

Most cases don't make the news or even go to trial.  Quick disposition of these lower-profile cases are the type of every-day victories that make Attorney Tim Pori love his work as a criminal defense attorney.

Protecting the rights of the accused is important work.  Keeping you out of prison for an unjust sentence is important work.

Contact Tim Pori when you need important work done for you.

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"The government isn't interested in 'The Truth'. They are interested in advocacy, in getting a jury to believe their side.

I am interested in getting my client's story told and in showing the jury the holes in the government's case"

Defense Attorney Tim Pori