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Your dope arrest — for coke, heroine, Ecstasy, marijuana, meth, or whatever — is very serious.  It can be even more serious when anxious law enforcement officers and prosecutors try to tie up too many loose ends by charging you unfairly.

Tim Pori is an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  He aggressively defends clients who are accused of drug crimes. He knows how to deal with police, prosecutors, and juries. 

Guarding Your Constitutional Rights

Defense Attorney Tim Pori is alert for police misconduct and prosecution errors which violate your rights.  He will ask judges to throw out of court any "evidence" improperly taken by the police. 

He will check police dispatch tapes and other official sources to see if law enforcement over-stepped their bounds and acted without probable cause.

Watching for Mistakes

A great criminal defense attorney knows the real pressures on cops and DA's. Tim understands the political realities facing police and prosecutors.  He knows how they are being watched by the politicians and media.

Tim will check the official work for any "short cuts" the government may have taken.  If they have done sloppy work, the jury needs to know about it.  When juries see sloppy police work in one area, they know that police can make mistakes.  Tim knows that mistakes open the door to reasonable doubt that the police have arrested the right person. 

Finding All the Evidence

Tim is associated with top quality forensic professionals. 

These experts can dispute prosecution witnesses who are engaged to provide one-sided interpretations which make you look guilty. Tim will use experienced toxicology and alcohol experts to uncover information that will help your case in court.

Your witnesses will tell the rest of the story — the part the prosecution does not want the jury to know about.

How to Stay out of Jail: Get an Aggressive, Quality Defense

If you are arrested for a drug violation call your attorney as soon as possible.  We have put some general tips on our website, but there is nothing more important for staying out of jail than a good attorney.

The government's police officers and prosecutors are professionals. They know their business.  They know how to put you in jail.

Contact Tim Pori when you need a professional defense.

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