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San Francisco Attorney Defends Your Rights

Drunk Driving? Drugs? Assault? Sex Crimes? Rape? Murder?

Defense Attorney counsels clientWhatever you're accused of, Tim Pori will make sure you get a fair trial. He'll use the law, expert witnesses, and his extensive knowledge of Constitutional rights to fight for your acquittal.

Tim has a record of success.  His abilities are respected by other criminal attorneys, judges, and his courtroom opponents.

How Tim Works for You

Tim is an aggressive competitor who is deeply committed to making sure everyone is treated according to the law and Constitution.

He cares about winning your case. 

Negotiating with the Government

Tim will not knowingly waste your time and money and give you false hope. He will work with you to obtain the best outcome of your case.

When circumstances make discussing a plea and sentencing agreement with the government the best course of action, Tim takes a strong, realistic approach to the table. 

Your rights will always be respected. Even if your case is not one which is likely to prevail in court, you will be treated right. Tim is knowledgeable about the law, sentencing options, and the pressures that prosecutors and police operate under.  He uses that knowledge to represent you in negotiations and in hearings.

He will make sure that the all facts about your case are considered so that you receive fair treatment.

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It's not like on TV where the prosecutor only wants to find out the truth.  In real life the government acts like a criminal trial is a game.  They win the game when you are convicted and go to jail.

I know the rules of the game, and I use those rules to keep my clients out of jail.

– Tim A. Pori
Defense Attorney with offices in San Francisco